31 August 2007

When enough is enough

I've known Dani Ferguson ever since I landed on her head, on her first day in SL. Teleports will do that ya know
It was a long time ago, at least it feel that way. Sometimes you meet someone and you get a gut feeling, for some reason I felt it for her. I gave her some $L and said the place for new peopel is "The Shelter" and she turned up, met Erbo and the rest is history as they say.

She has done some great stuff, built a business, had an SL marridge ( or two ). We don't chat much, my friends list is very small, with about 12-15 people on it. When I was thinking to delete SP and start again, I would have added her first to my new friends list. We probably still would hardly ever talk, but again it's nice to have her there.

Oddly enough in SL people can really show their true face. Sound strange? Your anonymous, you can delete your account and then come back as someone else, you can be a never ending cycle of being a total bastard.

On the otherhand your kindness, drive and generosity also can come through, and you can do what you can do to make things better.

Dani is one of the second, but it seems has met too many of the first, she is thinking of leaving , if so I would miss her.

“True friends are like diamonds, precious and rare. False friends are like leaves, found everywhere.” -anon

01 August 2007

Blog postings

Back again,
I had one of those times when things just went to hell for a bit. So what does a blogger do to be self destructive? Starts to delete bits of the blog, and info sources.

That's where the links sidebar went. I'll put it back soon.

I was about to give it up, and just press "Delete" on SL, and everything involved, and just walk away. But I have to much time and effort in Shockwave Plasma to do that.

I have noticed a lot of my older friends have dropped off the "League of Bloggers", but it's just as well there are always more :-)

“It matters if you just don’t give up.” - Steven Hawking