29 October 2006

Sandbox Art

How does this look?

I saw part of this on New World Notes, but I sometimes check out the Sandboxes and was very impressed with this.

This is not just a build, this is Art.

In the words of Maxwell Smart Agent 86,
"Thats the second biggest vibrater I have ever seen."

Science and art belong to the whole world, and before them vanish the barriers of nationality. - Goethe

Sim barriers and planes don't mix

I was out in the CLAWW again, just for a bit of a flight to Caledon. I was able to skirt a few of the crowed Sims, and protected land. Firstly I found Help Island, adn then got stuck at the barrier.
Cant move forward, back, or to the side. STUCK! :-( And in veiw of the people on the ground and that was much worse.

Time to parachute out so I attached the chute, jumped, twisted, took the plane back into inventory. So I thought I might make a disgret entrance back to HI. This model of the chute , emits particles, so it's hard not to be noticed, I wasn't expecting that, and it was harder to steer. So I just missed the boardwalk and went in to the water.

That looked very uncool, so I teleported home ASAP.

So at home, rerezzed the plane, and off we went again. Only this time I crossed on the exact corner of four sims, two totally full.

So there I am, the plane is just flying in a tight circle, when I say plane, I mean just the lower part of the fusalarge and the engine pods, the rest had disapeared, along with all my clothes and hair. Hmmm tricky ( that's why no pictures for this entry ).

So yes, what do I do now? Teleporting home usually drops me in among 4/5 people. I can't parachute out, as the plane is not really there, and I cant Stand, for the same reason.

So logging out and in was the only thing left, usually I end up on the nearest teleport point when this happens. So it was, no one around and a quick dip into inventory for some clothes.

Being naked approaches being revolutionary; going barefoot is mere populism. - John Updike

28 October 2006


Originally uploaded by shockwaveplasma.

Well it's been good and bad news, so lets start with the good.

I've made it to the front page of New World Notes!!
A bit of syncronicity, as you can see from my last post is dropped by Wagners place the day before.

The bad, well I know Mera was upset, really upset, she said as much in her blog. But I didn't know why, there has been few issues at The Shelter, and Coal and Dolomere cover it in detail in their blogs.

I had felt a change in The Shelter, and the only clue I had was that my friends just didn't seem to be around very much, or as much as they used to. I thought it was all the new residents coming in, and everyone being so busy.

So now we have an alternate Shelter in Exile, so thanks to those who put in all the hard work, and a big thanks to Coal for the land.
If I ever get a shoulder rub animation, you can all have a 20min one each from me.

Synchronicity reveals the meaningful connections between the subjective and objective world.
Carl G. Jung (1875 – 1961)

23 October 2006


Originally uploaded by shockwaveplasma.

I guess most people in SL would have heard of the novel Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson. From what I have read from people who have met him, hes fairly indifferent to SL, as he has moved on to other things.

Remember this book was published in 1992.

Well this is on top of Wagner James Aus ( Hamlet Linden ) office at Waterhead., and it's a sort of memorial to the book. I think I came here as I really did want to see the view from his window.

BTW, if you do land on his roof, dont use the teleporter. It's a one way trip.

"Ninety-nine percent of everything that goes on in most Christian churches has nothing whatsoever to do with the actual religion. Intelligent people all notice this sooner or later, and they conclude that the entire one hundred percent is bullshit, which is why atheism is connected with being intelligent in people's minds."
[Juanita talking to Hiro] Snow Crash

22 October 2006

Being noticed

WOW, Danielle and Erbo have put me on their Blog Role! Yay! and a comment! Thanks guys and girls.

Naturally just now is when my ISP decides to have a hiccup with the pictures down the bottom of the page.

I'll forgo the comments of what happens were a really good ISP gets taken over by a bad ISP, and then can't figure how it works.

You affect the world by what you browse.
Tim Berners-Lee ( TBL to his friends )

( Note to self:- Chek their is no speelling or gramer mistakkes befor posting yu sily gurl )


Originally uploaded by shockwaveplasma.

Pip Perth and I out in the CLAWW, spying the Empires AT AT Walker,we go in for an attack run, being the good rebel sympathisers we are. :-)

The AT AT is actually on the Shelter Balloon ride route, thats where I saw it first.

The rest of the photos are on Flickr, so yes I have been putting screen captures on there for the last two weeks.

Do you know what the worst part about flying at 50m a sec is ? Protected land. All of a sudden you stop, and your pasenger dissappears, and the both of you wonder were you are. Two nights ago I was flying, and then suddenly I wasn't! I was on the ground still in that "sitting at controls" pose.

OK log out, log back in again, back to normal. Good. So where is that wretched plane? Hmmm can't find it. So I'll have a bit of a fly around instead.

Bizarrely enough, again I crashed in a place I had been to before, some shop I had been to see about a lightsabre. Now they had a TIE fighter in stock (yay!). I could not sit at the controls for a picture unfortuantly (boo), and that's were I met Pip.

Waterhead Welcoming area. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

Obi-Wan Kenobi - Star Wars - A New Hope

18 October 2006

Fun with Daleks

Originally uploaded by shockwaveplasma.
I was able to get some free roaming combat daleks, you get a set of two and they hunt each other. It would be more fun to have them chase you or someone else as well I think.

"Oy, Dalek! It's me, the Doctor! What's the matter?Don't you recognize your mortal enemy?" Dr Who in REMEMBRANCE OF THE DALEKS

15 October 2006

Death In Tibet

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Real life Intrudes today:

I'm a very angry person today, after watching the film of the murder a Tibetan nun. I won't put the URL , all you need to do is type "tibet nun shot" in Google, and it's everywhere.

I was a member of Free Tibet about 10 years ago, and I wrote letters to Governments, asking for help for the Tibetans, and the recognition of the Dalai Lama. But I realized it was a dream more than reality. China will never leave Tibet, it sees no reason to, it's like asking when the US will leave Hawaii.

I've read the books and articles from the refugees, the stories of the torture and killing of the Tibetans by the Chinese, the shooting in the film happens every week, it's nothing new, so why am I so angry?

But then as the Chinese have said, they were attacked, and the Army was just defending itself, and this film shows that they are just blatant liars, and they always have been when it comes to Tibet.

Now they have been caught out, and the Chinese Govt are very keen to decide when black is white, and they will screem and shout that black is white and anyone who disagrees is an enemy of China.

You may have seen a few films about China, rememer that Richard Gere film where he has sex with his Chinese lawyer? I have been told that woman who have sex with a non-chinese will be a social outcast All films with Chinese woman havign sex with non-chinese, are either heavily cut or banned. Why? because it's institutionaly racist.

Naturally films with Chinese men and non-chinese woman are fine.

Time to start some activisim.

This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness. Dalai Lama

13 October 2006

Meras Shop

Originally uploaded by shockwaveplasma.

Last night I took off in the CLAWW, just flying at random, and turning left, right and then hitting full throttle.

I dropped by Meras shop to look at the art gallery, but it's gone. I wondered if she had noticed.

So I took off again, flying at random, then I hit a Sim boundary, and the CLAWW went to prim heaven, and I had some blurrey moments, and it all went grey.

When I refocused, I was on the waters edge, not on the bottom of the sea, as per normal, and I thought "Great, a new sim to explore" I'll pretend that it's Lost.

Then I noticed a big ballon just like at The Shelter, and a hut on the waters edge, ummm just like The Shelter. I don't know what the odds of this happening , but amazingly I crashed right in to The Shelters waterfront!

I've been trying to go to other places at random. So I went in and stayed for the evening.

BTW I'm wearing my Flight Suit in the photo :-)

"When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return." -- Leonardo da Vinci

12 October 2006

Legal Stuff

It looks like LL is finally getting serious about greifing, and has brought the FBI in. YAY!!
Even better they might restrict scripts to people they "trust"....hmmmm.

Well I turned up to my exam, and they decided it should be £184 rather than £82.
They were a bit surprised as well, and couldn't figure out why the price rise, so they will see if they can get a discount, and let me know.

I told Akela about Cheri's http://www.slpixelpulse.com/ and he put it on SlInsider, and gave me a credit :-)
I was tempted to post the it's not me on the cover, and I am not on any of the pages, or the centre fold.

Money often costs too much.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

09 October 2006


As Dolomere would say:- YAGA :-Yet Another Grid Attack.
I'll be happy when the FBI finally catch someone, take them to Court, and they
are either fined or jailed.
But then LL can always take civil action as well.

I was so planning on getting out the CLAWW for a flight, and having a bit of combat flying.

If it weren't for my lawyer, I'd still be in prison. It went a lot faster with two people digging.
Joe Martin, Mister Boffo

08 October 2006

Green Card Time

Well it's time for the DV-2008 http://www.dvlottery.state.gov/ , where those who want a USA Green Card, can go and try their luck.
I've been entering for the last 6 years, but I have calculated the odds are over 1000 to 1 of winning a Green Card.

They get about 10 Million entries, over half are invalid for some reason or another. But they also put aside a certain number for various regions. I'm in the Pacific region, so I think my chances are just a bit higher than Europeans.

The new USA passport looks really nice, although that RFID chip is just asking for trouble IMHO.

I've not spent much time inworld the last few days, I have an exam next thursday.

“Any American who is prepared to run for president should automatically, by definition, be disqualified from ever doing so.”
Gore Vidal

06 October 2006

First Post

So here I am, joining the online blogging brigade. Why now, because it's Aimee Webers fault!! Here i was just fooling around with the DIY Southpark at http://www.sp-studio.de/ and then put it up on Flickr, and then AW has to do it!

But so what if hers look better, oh well.

Well this will mostly be about 2nd Life, I have sort of been inspired by Torleys pics on Flickr to do more while I'm in world.

I've seen a nice plane by Cubey Terra I think I'll get, it's the CLAWW, why this one? Because it's the only one I didn't crash within seconds of take off, and look, he has a web site http://www.cubeyterra.com/ cool.

I'm not a great flyer, I must have left 7-8 UFOs in the water around Help Island while I was there. But I took this out for a fly, and it was great.

When I took out the Ornithopter, well, lets say the people in the Sandbox next to the airport dont even lookup (down?) when you go straight in to the ground. It's not the plane, it's my flying.

So I will be playing around with the design of the site for some time, the random pics down the bottom, don't really work like I had thought. But then when I started on the Web HTML was done in Notepad or vi.

Do not spin this aircraft. If the aircraft does enter a spin it will return to earth without further attention on the part of the aeronaut.
— first handbook issued with the Curtis-Wright flyer.