12 October 2006

Legal Stuff

It looks like LL is finally getting serious about greifing, and has brought the FBI in. YAY!!
Even better they might restrict scripts to people they "trust"....hmmmm.

Well I turned up to my exam, and they decided it should be £184 rather than £82.
They were a bit surprised as well, and couldn't figure out why the price rise, so they will see if they can get a discount, and let me know.

I told Akela about Cheri's http://www.slpixelpulse.com/ and he put it on SlInsider, and gave me a credit :-)
I was tempted to post the it's not me on the cover, and I am not on any of the pages, or the centre fold.

Money often costs too much.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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