21 June 2007

Another update

I think I have said a few times the stress of lots of things has been getting to me. It seems most of the friends/family I am close to are either ill, sick or very sick, physically or mentally. I know it can't do much about it for anyone.

There are some I'm trying to help, and will keep doing so, until they tell not to. I just have to figure out how to do it best.

But the angst is burning into me.

I love all of them, and would feel diminished without them.

I'm not really a social person, never have been, but I am learning how to be better at it.

Living in one's own head has it's benefits, but you can only go so far before you get wondering where else you can go.

Sleep has been a problem as well, insomnia either getting to sleep, or going back to sleep after a few hours. Strange dreams as well, Freudian, not my usual Jungian stuff. It's not stuff I would share with just anyone, it's rather personal.

I have been examining my mental states all my life, and my subconscious has been doing something odd...it's like it's detaching or moving from my friends as if it's getting ready for something. So that's a worry for me as well.

I work on the NLP theory, were we are made of small self contained mental processess, sometimes in harmony, mostly in conflict.

It's strange, I can really feel activity in different parts of my head, and that when I wonder whats going on. Then these strange ideas or obsessions start.

Occasionally some brilliant idea comes out if it. But it's not that common :-)

Thinking is getting harder, my imagination and creativity seems to have suffered, it's been like thinking through mush...it started after I went head first into a car a few years ago.

Time to do a few more mental exercises...I have been going to the gym, at least that is getting me somewhere. Weight is coming off, and feeling a much fitter.

I've much more to work on, so much to do. Time to clear out the mush.

07 June 2007

I'm not dead

Just an update.

Personally its been a bit stressful recently, quite a few things going on, I seem to have lost about 2-3 in off my waist. A bit of mental fatigue as well. Work, family, friends, study, etc all seem to be a part of it.

I have been writing to my sister, and telling her...well everything...who, what, where, how many times and where the bodies are buried, I'm finding it's quite cathartic.

I have been doing a lots of reflection and thinking.

During this time I have emailed people I knew in the past, and had both positive and negative replies, but on the whole, it's good to be in contact with old friends.

A lot of people I have met in SL have been a positive influence on me without them realizing it, and I wish to say thanks. I makes my days more bearable knowing your there.

Also the LL new, (but not new) policies are totally pissing me off. Has the Moral Majority (an oxymoron if I ever heard it) take over Linden Labs, or have they put the squeeze on the place. Maybe someone has got religion...(ok..we interrupt this rant)

Your world, Your Imagination is the slogan, but are some peoples imaginations just to wild? I guess so.

So what could be happening really?

Legal issues would be the obvious thing. But finer minds than I have been discussing it in the many fine SL basedforums.

Action seems to be centred here at United Protest , but let your voice be heard.

What is morality in any given time or place? It is what the majority then and there happen to like, and immorality is what they dislike. ~Alfred North Whitehead