20 September 2009

Self Help

Learn to think for yourself, it's the best "Self-Help" ever

"Whenever a poet or preacher, chief or wizard spouts gibberish, the human race spends centuries deciphering the message."
Umberto Eco

11 September 2009

Art, Bad Art, Flickr and Theft

Pixel Pixel Pixels, we see them everywhere, on our screen and basically in our mind.
Talented People can created a great picture from scratch, 2D, or 3D, it's art. It
usually requires skill and practise. I basically have neither of these, but I appreciate those who do.
Fakery I'm not keen on, and some SL based art is great, and some of it it quite ugly.
I mostly mean Morphs, this it sticking a an SL avatar face on a RL body or an other picture, usually done badly, and it just looks plain wrong.
I do like the blending of SL and RL objects together to make something new, becuase it's obvious, and not set to decive anyone

I look at the comments on Flickr saying how talented some of them are, and I just think yuk that is just plain ugly. I don't say anything , as I can't do any better.

When I have said I like a picture, it's when I mean it, it's not just to be nice.

I'm not always up on copyright etc and Creative Commons but I have Ryker and Vint who will put me straight, if it miss something. (Probably quite loudly, with the banging of shoes)

Nimil Blackflag has had enough of this to start a blog about it

How do you like the above Picture?
I got it here :-
It's Free Use, I don't have to acknowledge or link back to it. But then, I'm known to be polite

Borrowed thoughts, like borrowed money, only show the poverty of the borrower.

English socialite and writer
(1789 - 1849)