16 October 2013

New Matilda investigates the Catholic Church in Australia


Adam Brereton from New Matilda is investigating the role of the Catholic Church in Australia.

The Church seems to be impressively quick to laicise and excommunicate a priest they think has supported women and gays, but child abusers are exempt from such quick action.

The article ends with:-

How does the Vatican operate in Australia? How does it interact with the vast "submerged state" of Catholic education and welfare? What kind of Church will survive the child abuse inquiry? Over the following months New Matilda will be investigating the application of Catholic power in Australia, the various mechanisms set up by the Church to attempt to deal with the scourge of child abuse, and the work of the Royal Commission.
Tips can be sent to adam [dot] brereton [at] newmatilda [dot] com. Confidentiality and sensitivity guaranteed.

I would also ask how does the RCC interact with the two main Australian political parties and what it does with the state of it's uniquely tax free business status.

Anyone got a tip for adam [dot] brereton [at] newmatilda [dot] com ?

"Nothing can be more contrary to religion and the clergy than reason and common sense."
Francois Marie Arouet (Voltaire)

17 July 2013

Book Review Good News Club

"The Good News Club: The Christian Right's Stealth Assault on America's Children,"

         The was one of the most disturbing books I have read in a while, such as I had to put it down and leave it for a days before I would come back to it.

I still find it hard to believe in the 21st Century that we still have missionaries, occasionally most people will get the Jehovah's Witness to their door, occasionally seeing the Mormons coming round with their nice white shirts and little name badges.

 But missionaries? Really?

In Katherine Stewarts book "The Good News Club" she shows exactly how the modern day missionaries have evolved, and are now targeting our children, she also reveals how much money is involved in this endeavour (LOTS!), and it's very very disturbing.

This is the story of how schools in the USA are slowly being used by Christian evangelical groups for after-school services for the express purpose in gaining child converts.  The book details how the Alliance Defence Fund, the Liberty Council, the American Centre for Law and Justice, and other conservative groups have masterminded an assault on public education, these groups have  combined budgets totalling over $US100 million per year. Add the free labour, and items donated by volunteers this produces a Christian outreach powerhouse.

Many of the people who run theses Clubs represent a very conservative, very fundamentalist, very evangelical type of Christianity. Many of these would even be called Christian Nationalists (or Dominionists if you prefer), for those who don't know the meaning of this term, it's taken from the Biblical phrase "God has given you dominion over all things" so they think Christians should be in charge of everything and everyone. But of course it has to be the "right" sort of Christian.

How did this start?

The first chapters of the GNC Katherine discovers the GNC starting up in her childrens school, and their attempts to infiltrate the school itself so to maintain a deception that it's is part of the school curriculum.

The battle to allow or not allow churches to use Public school rooms after hours has been a long one.

In the following chapters Katherine goes  to some of the Child Evangelical Fellowship ( CEF )
meetings and just how they are pushing religion in schools via lawsuits. In general it's now been reduced to a free speech issue. Those who wrote the US Constitution deliberately made religion a special case.

Chapter 3 has some surprising history of religion and how the public school systems was started , followed in the next chapter by the legal maneuverings that allowed the GNC access to schools

Chapter 6 goes into the reasons why Christian Fundamentalists are now targeting children.

I was much surprised to find out that there are actually missionary expos.

Chapter 8 Examines the failed Abstinence programs, and the history of Sex-Ed or (Lack of).

Chapter 10 is very familiar if you recall the current Australian problems with Chaplains, and with Access Ministries

"In Australia we have a God-given open door to children and young people with the Gospel, our federal and state governments allow us to take the Christian faith into our schools and share it. We need to go and make disciples."

Chaplains are not allowed to evangelize in school hours, so will keep in contact via Facebook, and will offer weekend trips away to camps.
Back to Chapter 10.."Child transmitted communicable religion"..my title for the chapter :-)
Using children to spread religion in the playground, on the sports field. Social ostracism is quite the effective weapon on children.

Chapter 12 examines how the Christian Right at one stage tried to load the P&C with Christian activists then some decided to remove their children from the school system. (Homeschooling has shot up in the last decade), then the strategy seems to be to undermine the school systems and to make it a source of conflict.

To summarize:  Evangelical groups are setting out to destroy public education in the USA. Tax exempt rich evangelicals have launched an all out assault on the minds and lives of children, "to reclaim the nation for God".

In a time where resources and investment in American schools are declining,  and the USA starts slipping down its position in the league tables of education this is a truly dire event.
China is ruled by engineers and producing more and more scientists. Now is the time that western countries who want to keep up can't let their education system slip into turmoil, or spend time on imaginary beings.

 American lawmakers in many states have been attacking evolution and woman rights (such as last week in Texas) which is about as sensible as attacking gravity. I can't ever see these Christian nationalists winning, but theirs is a trail of tornado style destruction, these people who are almost always American Republications are trying to move back into a past that never was, and in doing so, are helping the USA to eventually be bypassed by those countries that are looking to the future.

Here is Katherine Stewart, Richard Dawkins, Eric Cernyer and Sean Faircloth at
Colorado College, Colorado Springs, Colorado. February 27, 2013 talking about the Good News Clubs. it's quite long at over 90 minutes, but it's worth listening to the audio, even if you don't watch the video.

One thing I learned from watching the video was finding out that the first good news club was established in 1926.

Eric Cernyar is also in the video, he's a former evangelical Christian who has put together a School facility use policy that may be useful if your local school is targeted by any religious group, not just the GNC.

Part of it states:-

 Good Behaviour Requirement. No person, group or organisation shall be permitted to use a district facility if they:
a) engage in physical, emotional, or psychological mistreatment of children;
b) attempt to make children feel excluded, ashamed or unacceptable because of the student’s lack of shared racial, ethnic, or national origin, sexual orientation, or religious identity or commitment;
c) discourage children from critical and open thinking by employing shame, conditional affirmation, or fear of natural or supernatural reprisal; or
d) stigmatise children on the basis of race, colour, religion, creed, ancestry, age, sex, sexual orientation, physical handicap or national origin. 

Take note of lawmakers trying to implement a school voucher system, this way public money can be diverted to the religious schools.

This post has taken me a while to write, as I have to go back to the book for references and then I am so sickened by the GNC, I have to put it down again.

You can buy the book here:
Amazon UK
Kobo books

You also might also be interested in Katherines articles for The Guardian

Home page for Katherines book The Good News Club

Home page for Eric Cernyer for how to fight the GNC

For more on US Christian Nationalism Michelle Goldberg has an important book on the subject.

A recent article in the Christian Science Monitor about the GNC.

Some real good news is that some people are taking notice:-


**Edited to improve readability, Thanks Stan** 

"I do not believe any type of religion should ever be introduced into the public schools of the United States." - Thomas Alva Edison

14 July 2013

"The Freethinkers’ Pictorial Textbook"

                                            The Freethinkers’ Pictorial Textbook by Watson Heston


 I have seen this comic many times, and have often wondered where it came from, and if there has been many more like it, or it was a one-off from the artist. I had always thought it was from a British newspaper in Victorian times.

It's probably old news to many people, but it came from "The Freethinkers’ Pictorial Textbook" by Watson Heston (d.1905) who lived in the USA state of Missouri for most of his life. so not your typical resident of the time.

I have a few books on how to draw good comics that tell a story, and even though this style is considered old and "busy" it's still gets the messages across.

"The Freethinkers’ Pictorial Textbook  book is available as a PDF from http://bankofwisdom.com
in two volumes, along with his other books The Old Testament Comically Illustrated (1890), and The New Testament Comically Illustrated (1898).

“To surrender to ignorance and call it God has always been premature, and it remains premature today.” ― Isaac Asimov

26 June 2013

Deviant Art new wave of Commissions for 2013

I can't seem to help myself and here are some more portraits done for 2013. Starting from the top

This one is by http://novicebum.deviantart.com/

This sketch was done by http://anako-kitsune.deviantart.com/

This one is a paperchild and done by http://tavington.deviantart.com/

This one I really like, it's done by http://unityworldti-an.deviantart.com/
even though she seems to have used the picture below as a model.

As done by http://vicky-pandora.deviantart.com/
Oddly enough they never show the entire robot :-) I have a picture that I keep for an  artists reference

The outfit I am wearing is from Graves

“The reason some portraits don't look true to life is that some people make no effort to resemble their pictures.”
― Salvador Dalí

24 June 2013

Convoy of Cleavage and why we can't have nice things.

        Grace Collier claimed the Australian Prime minister has been showing to much boob in Federal Parliament.
Serial protagonist, writer, scholar, Jennifer Wilson had an idea over on her blog No place for Sheep :-

Solidarity via cleavage and lots of it, so #convoyofcleavage was born at the instigation of Ms Bailey Woof.
Why should we do this, and what will it achieve we asked Jennifer?

She advised:-

Yes, this exercise is entirely frivolous and will achieve nothing. Yes, I expect we will be gored by Helen Razer (after Baudrillard) for our mindless capitulation to empty symbolism. Though as that lady recently posted an image of her own cleavage, struggling to escape an appallingly tasteless pink brassiere as she held aloft the dripping carcass of a Peking duck, maybe not.

The hashtag has made the news in the UK Daily Mail, India, China (Aust users load up burst milk photos)*  , and was a very non-serious response to a rather stupid comment.

A montage (below) was created by Distroythejoint

As you can see it's all quite tame (and yes mine are in there)

Now some people didn't really think this was appropriate behavior, and the usual fighting and arguments started of what feminism really means

Veronica Foale and Kim Foale Thought being told how to be a feminist was all a bit silly, and the feminist police had got their Do Martins in a twist. My words, not theirs :-)

So they started the  #Iamnotaproperfeminist hashtag with some quite funny results. Australian humour, you have to love it. 

Finally, if there is one picture that sums it up, I have to give credit to the brave Jess Ovenden

* This seems to have disappeared, a classically fine bit of mistranslation I had thought :-(

Final Thoughts?..back to Jennifer... Bite me Baby

We didn’t do it in a manner that met with your feminist approval? Tough titty. :- Jennifer Wilson

20 June 2013

Prism Break


By now I guess almost everyone on the Internet has heard of PRISM the alleged system where the  NSA taps into the servers of big internet giants like Facebook or Google.

The EFF have produced a website Prism Break with links to secure/alternative aplications to some of the more popular offerings provided by the big companies.

Some idea are obvious, such as using Linux or FreeBSD rather than Windows, Firefox with HTTPS Everywhere installed rather than IE.

PiWik is a new one to me, I have looked at the demo it's much nicer than Google Analytics

The Android Apps section certainly has some good programs as suggestions, I would be using these if I was in Turkey right now.

The real danger is the gradual erosion of individual liberties through automation, integration, and interconnection of many small, separate record-keeping systems, each of which alone may seem innocuous, even benevolent, and wholly justifiable. -Anon., U. S. Privacy Study Commission, 1977

29 March 2013

New Book Unholy Silence by ex-catholic priest

Father Kevin Lee has published a book "Unholy Silence"

He says this is about his time in the church in Australia and all the coverups and abuse that he has seen, I haven't read it as yet,so I have no idea about the content, but it seems timely. He says he has a few unkind words for Cardinal Pell, and is publishing the book offshore. I image there are quite a few people with unkind words for Pell, but I don't think making the book only available via the web and published outside Australia will be much help

I am a bit concerned about his claim he forced the creation of a Royal Commission in to the Abuse of Children, because as far as I can tell it was mainly the work recently of Detective Peter Fox coming forward to allege his investigations have been stymied by senior police and politicians.

In one interview a few days ago he quotes:-

"Even in the dormitory I lived in, it was nicknamed 'The AIDS Wing' because there was a belief that a lot of the people living there were going to get AIDS because they were just so promiscuous," he said.

The book is available at  http://unholysilence.com/  and he blogs at  http://fatherkevinlee.blogspot.com.au

“With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.”
― Steven Weinberg

19 February 2013

Creationism in Queensland Schools

        Chrys Stevenson is one of those wonderful writers who can write exactly what I want to say. Yes I know, I'm a bit wibbly with my own scribblings, and I have lots of draft posts that I never finish, but what she has written about politicians ignoring creationism in schools is very very good, and more people need to see it.

Thanks to the wonders of VPNs I actually got to see some of this episode of QandA, but not this actual part that's being refered to.

Please read:-

Chrys wonders why Tanya Pliberseck who  was asked about creationism being taught in the classroom seemed surprised.

Because we all really know Dinosaurs and humans lived together...right?

Thanks to Uli Resident for the picture

Thus the creationist's favourite question "What is the use of half an eye?" Actually, this is a lightweight question, a doddle to answer. Half an eye is just 1 per cent better than 49 per cent of an eye..." - Richard Dawkins

12 February 2013

Shockwave for Pope

I would like to throw my wimple into the ring to be considered for the newly opened role of Pontifex Maximus.


My policies for this election are :-

  • To turn over all paedophile priest and those who covered up oer to the police.
  • To turn over all of the people in official capacity who helped the cover up to continue
  • Open up the Vatican Bank to expose all the money laundering
  • Equality for Gay people, oh, and women as well.
  • Open up the archives in all countries to track the baby snatching, tax evasions, child abuse
  • Free Condoms for everyone.
  • Stop the farce that the Vatican is an independent state.
  • Retrospectively revoke all indulgences
  • Release the hidden picture of  the 13th Labour of Hercules 
  • Lots of other decent humane stuff...

Sell all the gold, treasures and the billions of dollars worth of goods and invest it in heath, science and research for the benefit of the poor. This would actually be used to help the poor, not to exploit them and keep them in a "mild" form of poverty that the Catholic Church now prefers to produce a constant supply of believers, such as in the Philippines 

Finally...dissolve the Church, and tell everyone it's just a load of rubbish to keep you all in line for the last 2000 years...now..lets build some spaceships.

While I am not Catholic, I believe this is a "Good Thing", and this can only make it all better, until I dissolve it all..of course.

It’s an incredible con job when you think about it, to believe something now in exchange for something after death. Even corporations with their reward systems don’t try to make it posthumous. — Gloria Steinem

04 February 2013

Justice for the Magdalanes on Tuesday ?

It is hopeful the Irish Government will finally publish a  report " Inter-Departmental Committee Investigating State Involvement with the Magdalen Laundries" into the Magdalene laundries this Tuesday afternoon, February 5th.

This is a long delayed report, and I'm sure it won't be nice reading.

The 10 laundries were operated by the Sisters of Mercy, the Sisters of Our Lady of Charity, the Sisters of Charity and the Good Shepherd Sisters.
Those operated by the Sisters of Mercy were at Galway and Dún Laoghaire; by the Sisters of Our Lady of Charity at Drumcondra and Seán MacDermott Street in Dublin.
The Sisters of Charity operated laundries at Donnybrook, Dublin, and Cork.
Good Shepherd Sisters ran laundries at Limerick, Cork, Waterford and New Ross.

To read more about those wanting justice for those imprisoned in Irish workhouses your best resource is here  http://www.magdalenelaundries.com/

"Many survivors refuse to talk about what they went through, but I've never been ashamed to have been in one of those places. The shame is not mine; the church should be ashamed. They say now they're sorry - what they mean is, sorry they were found out." - Mary Norris

14 January 2013

Single Frame Story Challenge 23 Flight

Single Frame Stories, is telling a story in a single frame.

Each Saturday (or Sunday) we’ll offer a new word or phrase for a prompt. Participants will each create a Single Frame Story based on the prompt of the week, consisting of a single image with up to 140 optional characters of text. The image can be a photo, screen shot, drawing or painting. The text can be integrated into the image or used as a caption or title.

This week, the prompt is "Flight" My week by week number is a bit messed up now...so it's now number 23.

Last week  it was "Found", you can see the entries here

It's nearly my 6th Rezday, it doesn't seem so long ago I was on Help Island and just a few weeks old.

People come and go, and I get rather sad that some friends have gone forever.

Sometimes we celebrate with the Poppins Jump

In theory you jump off a high place, and the Umbrella should open just before you hit the ground. Doesn't always work, and I rediscovered this about 40 seconds after this picture 

You can go see other jump pictures here

I was actually feeling much more inspired this week to do a better picture...but..well..these things happen

Women must pay for everything. They do get more glory than men for comparable feats, but, they also get more notoriety when they crash.  - Amelia Earhart

06 January 2013

Single Frame Stories Number 22 Found

Single Frame Stories, is telling a story in a single frame.

Each Saturday (or Sunday) we’ll offer a new word or phrase for a prompt. Participants will each create a Single Frame Story based on the prompt of the week, consisting of a single image with up to 140 optional characters of text. The image can be a photo, screen shot, drawing or painting. The text can be integrated into the image or used as a caption or title.

This week, the prompt is "Found" My week by week number is a bit messed up now...so it's now number 22.

Last week  it was "Unplugged", you can see the entries here

This time inspiration was a bit quicker, I had a few idea for Unplugged but they were either not G rated or the SL Marketplace came up empty.

I have been after a personal 404 page for some time, because...well..because these were big in the 2000s and I'm just catching up. Actually, Blogger just updated the ability to add a 404 page only a few months ago.

 Science Officer Dagger:  Computer, what is the nature of the universe?
Computer: The Universe is a slowly shrinking rectangle currently 1837.24 km across
 - Star Trek: The Virtual Voyages, Episode 34 "What little avatars are made of" 

03 January 2013

Single frame Story Challenge Number 21 - Unplugged

Single Frame Stories, is telling a story in a single frame.

Each Saturday (or Sunday) we’ll offer a new word or phrase for a prompt. Participants will each create a Single Frame Story based on the prompt of the week, consisting of a single image with up to 140 optional characters of text. The image can be a photo, screen shot, drawing or painting. The text can be integrated into the image or used as a caption or title.

This week, the prompt is "Unplugged" My week by week number is a bit messed up now...so it's now number 21.

Last week or two ago it was "Time", you can see the entries here

 Something being "Natural" is certainly no guarantee of "better".

“Some pirates achieved immortality by great deeds of cruelty or derring-do. Some achieved immortality by amassing great wealth. But the captain had long ago decided that he would, on the whole, prefer to achieve immortality by not dying.” ― Terry Pratchett, The Color of Magic