26 June 2013

Deviant Art new wave of Commissions for 2013

I can't seem to help myself and here are some more portraits done for 2013. Starting from the top

This one is by http://novicebum.deviantart.com/

This sketch was done by http://anako-kitsune.deviantart.com/

This one is a paperchild and done by http://tavington.deviantart.com/

This one I really like, it's done by http://unityworldti-an.deviantart.com/
even though she seems to have used the picture below as a model.

As done by http://vicky-pandora.deviantart.com/
Oddly enough they never show the entire robot :-) I have a picture that I keep for an  artists reference

The outfit I am wearing is from Graves

“The reason some portraits don't look true to life is that some people make no effort to resemble their pictures.”
― Salvador DalĂ­


The Vicar said...

Well, THAT was certainly an unexpected type of content for the first entry on Planet Atheism! ;)

Shockwave Plasma said...

Religion is supposed to be serious, as Atheists we are allowed to have some fun :-)