23 October 2009

My visit to Intels Science Sim

OpenSim is still Alpha software, but that doesn't stop it being used for projects such as Intels Science Sim

Intel recently showed an advertisement on Youtube to show off it's Science Sim offering, and it's vision on the 3D web. I don't think it went down well in some quarters. I have been to the website before for a (very) quick read, but never actually visited the Sim.

So here I go.

I also noticed the website has been updated recently.

You need to go to the Getting started page, and then create an account, then setup your viewer. I connected using the latest Imprudence viewer, the 1.2 beta, and found it's Grid manger very handy.

You first appear at a rotunda, as pictured above, and this gives you a basic tutorial on using the viewer.

I'm grey here because Imprudence didn't render properly (Sorry Jacek), At the time I thought it was lag, or OpenSim being difficult. Right In the middle of the above picture you can see a item that invites you to TP to another site, So I did so.

( This is where I started to get very confused, so please stay with me )

This took me the edge of a Lake with some boats, but at time I was more concerned with a change of clothes and generally making myself look good, I didn't see anything in the inventory or in the library, and was now a bit mystified on where to go next.

I could see a path, but it was behaving oddly, disappearing then reappearing, I followed it to see where it went. I ended up at a building called "The Saltwater House"

At this point I logged out as I was still grey, and the scenery was still behaving oddly, I thought there might be something with the Imprudence viewer and SciSim.

I relogged with the Hippo Viewer they recommend.
With the Hippo Viewer I was immediately able to see my clothes and myself, rendering did seem a bit slower, but I was able to perceive more. I was back at the Saltwater House.

"The Saltwater House" belongs to the Fashion Research Institute, below the sign it offered some clothes both Male and Female Avatars, and as I was rather tired of being Ruth, I was happy to accept.

The House is not fully rezzed in the the picture below, but the clothes are in front of the sign, where I am standing at the bottom left.


Ok, that a bit better, but just a bit errrr Unsexy...possibly some adjustments are needed

A bit taller, thinner. longer arms...hmmm those boobs, lets fix those, longer torso..ok all saved...now lets try to get out of edit mode...errrr please..really...now?.
Then I crashed. Bum! That looked to be a network issue on my end.

Relogged, and had a look at the MAP. Then I realized that the shape mods didn't take, but that could have just been me crashing. I couldn't be bothered to try again, so I decided to stick with having the Librarian look.

Back to the Map, and that was very confusing, as the Grid looked to be about 10 sims, and I couldn't see my Login point.

I then walked down to the dock, and got in to a boat, it then sank, taking me with it. Hmmm

I did wish to get back to the login point, but I couldn't see a way to TP, to I started to fly around the sims, I came across a very interesting garden.
It looks like it took quite a lot of time to make.

Next I came across the the shop Bella Fantastic, it looks not fully completed or not rezzed in full, and I couldn't buy anything, which was a bit of a shame as I would have preferred the very nice outfits in the windows to my current outfit.

I continued flying up the coast and next found a giant white horse, and then a herd of them appeared, I seem to have reached a populated area.

It looked to be the Fashion Institute Sim Shengri la Spirit. This had more clothes, skins, eyes for sale at 0$, and some clothes and jewelry didn't display the $ sign, so I guess they were for display only. I spent some time exploring, and was rather impressed at how pretty it all was.

I also got a new skin and some red boots, from one of the shops :-)

More Horses :-)

The FRI is beautifully done and looks brilliant, I wish my Laptop was able to display it more. It did start to occur to me, that I must be missing quite a bit due to my draw distance.

So I decided to TP via the map, this seemed to work and I was TPed to a very large building with minarets, and gardens this was still the FRI.

This picture below shows just how big building can be in OpenSim. It's huge, really huge, you can tell the scale as I am at the base of the first fountain from the right.

From here I TPed to the most South Easterly region of the grid, and found lots of pencils ...really...although on first glance they look like the original Cylon baseships.

The Metaverses biggest pencil case.

Here is when I really started to get confused, I noticed all the Regions start with Shengri La, and I had been flying around in Circles

Ok...lets try again!
TP again to the north..I just now realized the names on the Map all started with Shengri La, but I seem to have been flying around Spirit, Lets go to Rosemary to the SW...on arrival.. Buildings.
I flied down, and I really was confused and it was Belle Fantastique again..., OK TP to Tyme, and back to that Garden ..eh!
There is one Sim that stands out on the map, and that is Gallery...and then found myself back at FRI I was wondering if the Maps were just wrong.

This is when I went back to the ScienceSim Website to find the listing of what to visit.

Search doesn't work in Hippo :-( , so looking around the map again I realized I had been missing a part of it, and TPed to an island.
This had some google pages and a pendulum, It looks like the frequency of the pendulum was being written to the board.

There was a board that you could send messages to. That was interesting.
This is more like what I expected to find, a demo of the technology that can be used in OpenSim.

Ok, back to the ScienceSim Website, it had one SLURL secondlife:// like to Quicksort, So I clicked that, and then had it open Hippo Viewer. I was TPed me to a island I never even noticed on the Map. I had a go with the Quicksort demo, but now I was looseing enthusiasm.

I had been here for a few hours now and the effort of finding anything here was making me rather tired.

I had a look in the Hippos Menus and thought "All else Fails...TP home", so I ended up in Newton at the Rotunda, again, I didn't see this on the map.

These are the areas where the Sims are called Newton, Kepler, Galileo and Einstein, so this was looking very promising, and it was where I started from..Hooray!

So lets have a look around.

Yes, more tutorials, and place that will let you have some free avatars

I then found the Newton Observatory, this has TPs to Yellowstone park, a display on the Solar System, Fern Seed, and other places in SciSim.

I first went to Mt St Helens, but while it was very large, didn't really thrill me. No photo of it, sorry. But it did have the HyperGrid Gateway on the bottom right have corner of the Sims

Back to Newton, and then to the Solar System display

I dropped from the Solar to the ground, and found a meeting room, a Star Gate, and then a bit further flying I found an other meeting room, and then an auditorium.

Galileo has a giant Pagoda, and some smaller ones. Close by is a camp fire

...then Galileo pine village.

I was looking inside the Senate building and that when I saw it!!

I saw a Green Dot..yes..someone was also here!!! As you may have noticed, I didn't meet anyone so far.
So this is when I rushed over to meet Shenlei Winkler, who is the owner of the FRI. She was happy to talk for a while and we talked the various things happening in SL and the way it's heading, and how OpenSim was going forward in leaps and bounds.

Then I realized she was the owner of the Sims I had been lost in and she said that yes the Sims are very spread out, and that's for a reason. But as we talk ed so much I for got to ask why.
My main question was to ask where everyone was...and was reminded that it was the weekend, and this is educational grid :-)

Here is the Senate Chambers, the meeting place for the ScienceSim Government.

On the lake outside the Senate Chambers I deside to check for any fish.

The region around the Senate was rather built up with houses, and meeting rooms. No guessing who owns the one in the next picture.

Here we finish my trip to Science Sim. There were more pagodas, and meeting rooms, but at this stage I had been logged in for about 5 hours.

Some more information on Intels ScienceSim, Intel, IBM and

Intel Blogs, and extra Reading

ScienceSim January 2009

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Information on the FRI

The Blog of Shenlei Winkler

She also has a book
Shengri La Spirit

V-Business is a consortium of businesses for the expantion of 3D
virtual world technology.

The empires of the future are the empires of the mind.
-Winston Churchill

04 October 2009

Heritage key

I have been interested in the use of OpenSims for quite a while.
Heritage Key is operated by Rezzable, and its goal is to display interactive Archaeological sites in a virtual environment.

I was able to visit a few days a go and I was quite pleased to see how it was.
Unfortunately I'm not much of a writer, so I will pass you over to Honour Mcmillan who visited it
last month and it much better at writing and describing it than I.

But I will include some photos, excuse the quality, as my laptop is just able to run the customer Viewer. (No Linux Option)

As you first enter the Sim, you appear in a room to dress your Avatar, and learn how to operate the viewer. As I already knew, I didn't stay for long, but grabbed hair and a skin.

The next room is a sort of destination lounge, and it has posters for Egypt, and you can pick up some clothes suitable for an Egyptian explorer. As you can see below I was dressed as an English Archaeologist on an English dig :-)

From here it's a Teleport to the Compass Rose as below

Above is the Compass Rose, from here you take the balloon to the Dig site, and King Tuts tomb.

There is also a gallery with some Egyptian artefacts that are fantastic in detail, and there is also the Cosmic Walk, where even more artefacts are on display.

After the Gallery you get to visit the Nile, there is a house, and here you can see the typical reed boat of the time.
BTW you might want to stay clear of the crocodiles, if you go swimming in the Nile.

Inside the house you can get properly dressed in a variety of clothes for male and female.

Here I am back inside King Tuts tomb, and naturally this intrepid explorer shows he has very good manners by bowing to me.

For those interested Howard Carter is buried is in Putney Vale Cemetery

And Lord Carnarvon is buried near his family seat

"Those were the great days of excavating... anything to which a fancy was taken, from a scarab to an obelisk, was just appropriated, and if there was a difference with a brother excavator, one laid for him with a gun." --Howard Carter, 1923