04 October 2009

Heritage key

I have been interested in the use of OpenSims for quite a while.
Heritage Key is operated by Rezzable, and its goal is to display interactive Archaeological sites in a virtual environment.

I was able to visit a few days a go and I was quite pleased to see how it was.
Unfortunately I'm not much of a writer, so I will pass you over to Honour Mcmillan who visited it
last month and it much better at writing and describing it than I.

But I will include some photos, excuse the quality, as my laptop is just able to run the customer Viewer. (No Linux Option)

As you first enter the Sim, you appear in a room to dress your Avatar, and learn how to operate the viewer. As I already knew, I didn't stay for long, but grabbed hair and a skin.

The next room is a sort of destination lounge, and it has posters for Egypt, and you can pick up some clothes suitable for an Egyptian explorer. As you can see below I was dressed as an English Archaeologist on an English dig :-)

From here it's a Teleport to the Compass Rose as below

Above is the Compass Rose, from here you take the balloon to the Dig site, and King Tuts tomb.

There is also a gallery with some Egyptian artefacts that are fantastic in detail, and there is also the Cosmic Walk, where even more artefacts are on display.

After the Gallery you get to visit the Nile, there is a house, and here you can see the typical reed boat of the time.
BTW you might want to stay clear of the crocodiles, if you go swimming in the Nile.

Inside the house you can get properly dressed in a variety of clothes for male and female.

Here I am back inside King Tuts tomb, and naturally this intrepid explorer shows he has very good manners by bowing to me.

For those interested Howard Carter is buried is in Putney Vale Cemetery

And Lord Carnarvon is buried near his family seat

"Those were the great days of excavating... anything to which a fancy was taken, from a scarab to an obelisk, was just appropriated, and if there was a difference with a brother excavator, one laid for him with a gun." --Howard Carter, 1923

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