01 February 2010

Australian Censorship

The Australian Government is trying to wrap it's citizens in cotton wool, and not let them see the nasty wasty world.
Possibly that's a bit sarcastic..

But the Governments excuse is that the web filter is to stop child pornography. Unfortunatly this is like bandaging a leg, when you have cancer, and just as useful.

Child Porn is shared via chat rooms, and peer to peer networks, this government action is just a cynical attempt to display that it's actually doing something about it, rather than put the money where it is really needed..policing.

We have a election soon in Australia, the current government will probably get returned, but if they do, then the nasty sentence "The voters have given us a mandate to enact this filter, they voted for us to do it" will almost certainly be heard.


All censorships exist to prevent any one from challenging current conceptions and existing institutions.
George Bernard Shaw