14 January 2013

Single Frame Story Challenge 23 Flight

Single Frame Stories, is telling a story in a single frame.

Each Saturday (or Sunday) we’ll offer a new word or phrase for a prompt. Participants will each create a Single Frame Story based on the prompt of the week, consisting of a single image with up to 140 optional characters of text. The image can be a photo, screen shot, drawing or painting. The text can be integrated into the image or used as a caption or title.

This week, the prompt is "Flight" My week by week number is a bit messed up now...so it's now number 23.

Last week  it was "Found", you can see the entries here

It's nearly my 6th Rezday, it doesn't seem so long ago I was on Help Island and just a few weeks old.

People come and go, and I get rather sad that some friends have gone forever.

Sometimes we celebrate with the Poppins Jump

In theory you jump off a high place, and the Umbrella should open just before you hit the ground. Doesn't always work, and I rediscovered this about 40 seconds after this picture 

You can go see other jump pictures here

I was actually feeling much more inspired this week to do a better picture...but..well..these things happen

Women must pay for everything. They do get more glory than men for comparable feats, but, they also get more notoriety when they crash.  - Amelia Earhart

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