04 February 2013

Justice for the Magdalanes on Tuesday ?

It is hopeful the Irish Government will finally publish a  report " Inter-Departmental Committee Investigating State Involvement with the Magdalen Laundries" into the Magdalene laundries this Tuesday afternoon, February 5th.

This is a long delayed report, and I'm sure it won't be nice reading.

The 10 laundries were operated by the Sisters of Mercy, the Sisters of Our Lady of Charity, the Sisters of Charity and the Good Shepherd Sisters.
Those operated by the Sisters of Mercy were at Galway and Dún Laoghaire; by the Sisters of Our Lady of Charity at Drumcondra and Seán MacDermott Street in Dublin.
The Sisters of Charity operated laundries at Donnybrook, Dublin, and Cork.
Good Shepherd Sisters ran laundries at Limerick, Cork, Waterford and New Ross.

To read more about those wanting justice for those imprisoned in Irish workhouses your best resource is here  http://www.magdalenelaundries.com/

"Many survivors refuse to talk about what they went through, but I've never been ashamed to have been in one of those places. The shame is not mine; the church should be ashamed. They say now they're sorry - what they mean is, sorry they were found out." - Mary Norris

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