19 February 2013

Creationism in Queensland Schools

        Chrys Stevenson is one of those wonderful writers who can write exactly what I want to say. Yes I know, I'm a bit wibbly with my own scribblings, and I have lots of draft posts that I never finish, but what she has written about politicians ignoring creationism in schools is very very good, and more people need to see it.

Thanks to the wonders of VPNs I actually got to see some of this episode of QandA, but not this actual part that's being refered to.

Please read:-

Chrys wonders why Tanya Pliberseck who  was asked about creationism being taught in the classroom seemed surprised.

Because we all really know Dinosaurs and humans lived together...right?

Thanks to Uli Resident for the picture

Thus the creationist's favourite question "What is the use of half an eye?" Actually, this is a lightweight question, a doddle to answer. Half an eye is just 1 per cent better than 49 per cent of an eye..." - Richard Dawkins

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