29 October 2006

Sim barriers and planes don't mix

I was out in the CLAWW again, just for a bit of a flight to Caledon. I was able to skirt a few of the crowed Sims, and protected land. Firstly I found Help Island, adn then got stuck at the barrier.
Cant move forward, back, or to the side. STUCK! :-( And in veiw of the people on the ground and that was much worse.

Time to parachute out so I attached the chute, jumped, twisted, took the plane back into inventory. So I thought I might make a disgret entrance back to HI. This model of the chute , emits particles, so it's hard not to be noticed, I wasn't expecting that, and it was harder to steer. So I just missed the boardwalk and went in to the water.

That looked very uncool, so I teleported home ASAP.

So at home, rerezzed the plane, and off we went again. Only this time I crossed on the exact corner of four sims, two totally full.

So there I am, the plane is just flying in a tight circle, when I say plane, I mean just the lower part of the fusalarge and the engine pods, the rest had disapeared, along with all my clothes and hair. Hmmm tricky ( that's why no pictures for this entry ).

So yes, what do I do now? Teleporting home usually drops me in among 4/5 people. I can't parachute out, as the plane is not really there, and I cant Stand, for the same reason.

So logging out and in was the only thing left, usually I end up on the nearest teleport point when this happens. So it was, no one around and a quick dip into inventory for some clothes.

Being naked approaches being revolutionary; going barefoot is mere populism. - John Updike

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