19 February 2007

University of Southern Queensland

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The slow but sure creep of education in to SL is happening.

This in not my Uni, but it was one of my options.

Part of a Queensland Govt grant to a Phd student, it's an OK build, not great or flashy. I don't recall a Unicorn on the Uni shield.

Nice horn :-)

Update 25-2007:- Decka has left a comment, that updates my factual errors (ooops, sorry Decka.) I visited again last night, and realized it does sort of remind me of going to the beach, and is quite relaxing. I only had very short chat to Decka, as it was very late here.

I think I read on sloz.com that it was the official USQ island, and that is why I was expecting something different.

( As usual any errors are my own, and I take responsibility for them )

To live in Australia permanently is rather like going to a party and dancing all night with one's mother.
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Lindy McKeown said...

Hi Shockwave
Interesting to meet you today briefly. Just a note on the "build" as it was developed on purpose to not be flashy or exotic. The presence research indicates familiarity as a way to get the willing suspension of disbelief so I have opted for recognizable features and buildings rather than creative and exotic. A lot of space was just filled in with a forest until my program participants need the land for their projects. Also the island is my research site, not the property of the UNiversity, although they do rent a store there.

Shockwave Plasma said...

After my second visit, I was going to rewrite that bit about "The Build". It was nagging at me, and I thought it was unfair.

But as it was 00.05 I only really wanted to go to sleep.

But of luck with your research.