14 March 2007

Not-a-meme Challenge Number 8

Dolmere has started the Not a Meme Challenge
and having been asked to contribute to Number 8.

Here it is:-

Now that you have been outed as an SLer.

What would you show your Grandmother in SL?

( As she has read about all that sex stuff, and now thinks ( or has proof ) your a dangerous pervert)

I would take her to Svarga and show her all the right-ups about it in the press.

New world Notes and the New York Times for example.

So, what would you show "your " Grandmother ?


vint said...

Are there knitting classes in SL? Sorry, can't really imagine. Did show my boss the club where I work. :d

jaymin said...

I'd take her to a UU church service. :-)

Dolmere said...

My response has been posted. Thanks for the challenge, Shockies! Coal should be posting a new one tomorrow :)

Anonymous said...

Here is my post! :) This was sort of fun trying to decide what assorted grandmas would like :D

Shockwave Plasma said...

There might be another reason your grandmother dosn't want you in SL.

She might BE one of the dancers, strippers, escorts, that you read so much about :-)