04 April 2007

Not a Meme number 13

Thanks to Vint for this one.
What have I done in SL and never told anyone.

I got my first rental in a beach hut on the edge of the sand. I was only about 6 weeks old. When it was night time and there was not many people around the Sim, I would strip off and fly around naked.

That was until I discovered "force sun". Oh...dear. Then I stopped.

RL secret, I'm 5 foot 7 or about 155cm tall, not 6 foot 3.


Shockwave Plasma said...
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Wrath said...

What is this "force sun" thing you are referring to?? I am sure it's only on your computer, surely the rest of us don't have that option. ;-)

You're not buying it, huh?


:-( hehe

Mercy said...

Damn...flying Plasma *sigh*. Naked. I wish I'd known about it from the first. ; )

vint said...

Do it again, please. Nostalgia rules! ;)