14 November 2009

My visit to Rezzable Grid Alpha

This is my 3rd blog post on visiting OpenSim Grids.
Today we visit the Rezzable Grid Alpha.

At one point Rezzable had 40 Sims in Second Life, as you can imagine this does get a bit unwieldy and expensive to manage. These issues plus lack of control of the actual content, and then OpenSpaces issue (as detail by Zonja Capalini), lead them to explore using OpenSim.

Firstly you will need to sign up to get a Rezzables account to visit the Sim at http://rezzable.com/user/register
After you have Registered, you can go to this website


and follow the instructions, on how to get connected.

It's a bit different to other grids I have visited, as you need to download a launcher from the website, this will ask to start the SL client, passing across the grid settings and allowing you to login to the grid. I guess this is to make it as foolproof as possible.

Once you have downloaded the launcher, click on the Red Private Grid Button again, this starts the launcher, you will probably be asked by your PC, if you want it to run, so say yes, and the SL client should automatically log you in.

TADA!! You should now be on a giant table, and being Ruth. On the table is some free skins and clothes, there is a AO being offered, but it doesn't seem to want to hand it over to you.

If you remember Greenies, and I'm sure most people do, then it will be very familiar to you, but no vehicles, no flying saucers, and no cockroaches.

I've not found the beach here, but the doors and windows are locked.

Coke on the table top, and no one has cleaned it up yet.

Quick..someone..anyone, throw him a life jacket, or a Pea from the Fridge!

He must be totally full of Coke over there.

When we can turn on "Damage", I think behind the Iron would be a great place to snipe from.

Greenies is unusual as it's actually lots of space. It's not crowded with items that are trying to grab your attention. When flying around, it does take awhile to realize just how much space is free.

This is just the current iteration of the Rezzables Grid, remember they had 40 Sims worth of content, such as Crimson Shadow, Black Swan, the Dinos.
If you enjoyed visiting them in Second life, it might be appearing here one day.

“I think the idea of virtual worlds will not be a dead-end novelty as long as the software gets better with less bugs and continued development, and enough people in UK education see the potential and create examples of virtual world experiences which can be shown to positively benefit the users.”(Lindsay Da Silva)

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