14 December 2009

Visiting Condensation land

Visiting Condensation land

This is my 5th post on a visit to an OpenSim grid. 

( with comments and help from Zonja )

I first heard of Zonja on Vints blog on how to install OpenSim on XP. I tried it and it worked, and I was happy, and then I tried it on Linux, and it worked...eventually, with a bit of tuning, and reading OpenSim.ini, and rereading the ini file as I didn't read it properly the first time.

Then I added her blog to my reading list, eventually discovering that she has built her own grid, Condensation land. 

Having your own Grid is a bit of an exotic hobby, and I asked some time a go for an account and I visited and looked around, performance was quite good, border crossing, didn't throw you a hundred or so metres away (As SL still can).

is not really through choice, and she did at one stage have quite a few SL Sims, and these were OpenSpace Sims.

Then came the day when linden Lab decided that these Sims where no longer being used for their stated purpose, and were being abused. I have my own theories of what happened, but to read through Zonjas eyes, go to here. Zonja and her friend Ludmilla with Favio Piek, have taken all the work they had done in SL, and set up their own grid to save it all. I'm actually quite sad that so much work was lost, but so many people had no way to back any of it up at the time.

But it's probably true to say that this event was the major shot in the arm that spurred on the development of OpenSim. 


Zonja is builder, scripter, artist, a brilliant machinemist, an excellent dancer, ** she was also a major SL evangelist, so not only was the Openspace a financial assault, it was a kick to someone who had been telling everyone what a great potential SL had. 

Here we can see Zonja in SL, and in OpenSim.



It's not a conscious choice that I choose Zonja for my next visit, but it is an interesting contrast to Reaction Grid. As Reaction Grid is a commercial entity, Condensation Land is on a PC running windows, on the end of a 2mg SDSL line, and it works, it's fun to visit and to look around. 

 Ludmilla Writer                                                                                  

It's a private grid, but I  believe you can hypergrid from Osgrid. Hypergrid is a protocol so you can travel between Grids, it's also in Alpha, and still has a few bugs, and doesn't play nice with the Diva Distros, such as Condensation land is running. 

She has also demonstrated on how you can use very large linksets on OpenSim by constructing a Klein Bottle, you to can have your own to play with. 

Currently Zonja is hosting an art show called Mirror Worlds 



It reminds me of the early days of the Web, people on dial up, and in company offices, and in government agencies around the would would run a web server on their PC. Ok, so the webpages at this time were very static, and you had to wait for the entire picture to download before you could see it, and we were  using Mosaic as a browser, but then, maybe, just maybe OpenSim is the new Apache Server.

My only real problem with OpenSim in the lack of any currency, and centralized shopping as does SL . There are skins and and clothes, and AOs available, you just have to find them. You really do miss your normal appearence, but thankfully it's getting better, as Botgirl also shows below. Left hand side is Reaction Grid, right hand side is SL


Thanks to the joys of Open Source, is that I could offer clothes or items to the main developers to include in the Libraries, so I can't really complain can I?

When you first login, your back to being Ruth again, Currently Zonja hasn't installed any Freebies to wear or use, but this is only due to being busy in RL


The Condensation Land grid is about 5 regions, as you can see on the Map below:-

The main focus of Condensation land is the Large Gazebo [that's my club at Condensation -- Zonja], and also the Gallery.


Below you can see the rotating Klein bottle.

Zonja also has a Zeppelin, that you can TP to, and a Balloon that goes around on a circuit. So this is almost the same view as SL Condensation Land

The following pictures display a panorama from near the Home point, as it's quite small you can almost see across the 5 Sims

Below is shoshisn's Shilova's "Stairway to Heaven"

The Tower below is in Condensation land north, and it's big, really big. I'm standing at the 9:00 position. [That was supposed to be a rotating restaurant, which I neved finished -- Zonja]

I'm flying back from the tower, and turn to look at it again.

Then face the other way

 (Didn't I say something about pictures of the back of my head in my last post?)
I saw this sculpture at Condensation Beach [That's "vase 101" from shoshisn Shilova, you can find it also in the Mirror Worlds exhib -- Zonja] .

Now here we are at the Gallery, I do feel a little under dressed :-)

Well, there goes my thoughts in being under dressed :-)

Remember the title of the display is Mirror Worlds, so it's not just the main image your looking at, it's also the mirrors and reflections in the glass, and the surfaces. 

More art works by Florence Babenco

You have to come here to see the rest of the gallery.

Marla Korolov has posted on Grid Statistics and grids numbers, but as she says, there will be many Grids and Sims not listed. Condensation Land one of the many grids not listed anywhere. (Someone should really make a good name for these..eg grey grids or something.)

At the end of the Gallery Zonja has a secret passage. Watch your step  :-) . Don't fall in!!

I arranged to meet Zonja on a later date, where she was able to give me some clothes and shoes. I also uploaded my shape via the Meerkat Browser. I believe the latest Imprudence browser can also do this. I didn't have time to get a better skin, or shoes or an AO.


You know, I'm certain the sliders move just a tiny bit upwards, when you move your shape across. I didn't get a new skin, but Zonja and I really only had 5 minutes together due to our RL schedules.  So I'm off to explore a bit more.

Here I am seated at the Arrabal Tango Club, no one to dance with me :-(

As I was passing here again I thought it a well framed shot with the sculpture, the bottle and the Balloon flying over head.

After all that, it was time to relax by the pool.

Well I hope you can see what is possible with a home PC, a Broadband connection, some creativity, and OpenSim , so I'll wave bye for now.

Links below for further reading and viewing



Condensation land blog

also available in the OSgrid

** this has nothing to do with the fact she is my sl Landlady....really...promise  [Ha Ha /Zonja]

In my day, we didn't have virtual reality.  If a one-eyed razorback barbarian warrior was chasing you with an axe, you just had to hope you could outrun him.

- Anon                          


Zonja Capalini said...

Many thanks for your post! :-) Some random comments:

Nowadays, performance of Opensim, in the conditions of our grid (a symmetrical 2Mb line), is indistinguishable from SL. And it's bettering day to day. For example, the latest version of the Diva distribution is much faster wrt login times.

I think home minigrids should have a great future. ISPs are starting to offer really attractive FTTH alternatives. For example, a spanish ISP is offering 100 Mb download/5 Mb upload fiber for < 100 euros/mo. I've put > 10 persons concurrently in Condensation with no lag -- 5 Mb should allow for at least 25 persons, and we've neved had more than that in Condensation/SL... And we've got six sims with virtually no prim limit for a fraction of the cost of a single sim in SL.

And, yes, of course you're right, the real problem with Opensim right now is the difficulty of getting content. You have to visit OSGrid and other grids, get freebies, and import them back to your grid using Second Inventory, which is a PITA to use.

Anyway I plan on opening a small freebie shop as soon as I find time -- which is scarce lately, because, as you well say, all my current involvement in virtual worlds is nothing more than a hobby :-/

Anonymous said...

Hello Shockwave

welcome to Condensation Land OpenSim
your report is a great compliment to Zonja who did a great job.

Please come and visit LaMikilina Island on Condensation next time you come across, the setting is awful (my incompetence and laziness show) I would love to pass on to you a few nice items I have in my inventory, like my SL shapes you can naturally edit to your own taste.

And if you are a builder I could need a few tips how to. Or if you have a clue what I can do to import stuff from SL using the Second Inventory I bought and I can't open. ggrrr

there is talk of an opening party sometime in the future...

Mikil Tiki