19 August 2010

A relaunch


                                In the last few years I have been becoming more politically aware, it could be that I have noticed how much of the freedoms we take for granted have been slowly chipped away by our elected governments. These days it seems there are two excuses the government uses, either Terrorism or Pedophilia.

              Government works for us, it's citizens, but in the UK at least we have seen our MPs treat the public with contempt over the ongoing expenses scandal. First it was a case of not releasing the MPs receipts, then just releasing the redacted versions, luckily someone was so disgusted at what the saw they copied them and released them to the papers. Then the discovery that 232 of these MPs where "flipping" their second homes to maximise their allowances.

So why this to start with?   I just finished reading Heather Brooks The Silent State , and I'm really annoyed and things just have to change.

                 Now..this is just the start...

Secrecy, once accepted, becomes an addiction. - Edward Teller