01 December 2010

Dear Lord Carey

           I'm sorry to hear that your and your friends are feeling persecuted. it must be terrible to live in that sort of fear. Checking the windows to see who is outside, making sure the person across the road is not following you around as you go from house to house, visiting your friends. Listening in the night for the sound of cars outside your house, or footsteps on the gravel of your driveway. Wondering if your phone or house is being bugged, and spending your day wondering about food, water and money

Oh but wait, you say it's Christianity and it adherents that are being persecuted, how very strange. 

You used to be the Archbishop of Canterbury, you have the title "Lord" so you can actually sit in the house of Lords with 23 of your Churches Bishops.  So doesn't that mean your church actually has an important role in the affairs of Government?

Admittedly the Lords isn't that powerful, and even if the Secular Society wants you all kicked out, the UK Gov haven't really bothered to do much about it, so your probably safe for a while. I also believe that the head of state is also the head of the church, so your under the protection of the Queen, and you feel persecuted?

I also don't really think your on the run from the authorities, and the average Christian in the UK is much less persecuted than people with red hair or "Gingers".

Looking at your published financial figures in 2007 you had a £63 million profit. It does look like you really do cut quite close to the bone in those figures, but I'm sure the Anglican church has many unrealized assets if you need to use them, so your not poor, and it's not as if  any of the ministers of the Church will miss their next meal.

So what is going on? Possibly you feel that your privileged status is being eaten away, that we are very very slowly heading towards a society of fairness, that church membership is falling, an churches are closing and that people have found that religion is not necessary in their lives, and they are simply growing up, as is society as a whole.

You might find this maybe hard to believe, and sometimes I find it hard to believe myself when I read the papers. But life in the past thousands of  years used to be much worse.

But you are not persecuted when your the establishment such as you represent Lord Cary, a Christian in Iraq or Pakistan is persecuted, a Baha'i in Iran is persecuted, South Sudanese in Sudan are persecuted, homosexuals are persecuted  everywhere.

When you have a genuine fear of assault or being murdered or raped for who are, that is persecution!

You can't change your race, sex, or sexuality, but you can change your belief's.  

Love Shockwave

“Persecution is not an original feature in any religion; but it is always the strongly marked feature of all religions established by law” - Thomas Paine

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