07 February 2011

So your looking for a woman speaker?

I can't say for certain but it does look like public talks and lectures are becoming more popular in the recent years. There has been TED running in the USA, and in the UK we have the Royal Society of Arts, and Intelligence Squared.

All three have spread to Australia, with a Fellows Network of the RSA, TED and IQ²  both having very is popular events in Sydney.

Public talks and Lectures have been popular in London for many years as Gresham College and the Royal Institution are located here.

I suspect it may be the publicity  via the Internet, and in most cases these lectures are recorded and placed on YouTube, or Vimeo, so everyone can see them.

Now if your looking for a woman speaker in Australia, there is help. Leslie Canold, Catherone Deveny and Jane Caro have launched No Chicks No Excuses.

No Chicks No Excuses is the brainchild of Leslie Cannold,  Jane Caro and Catherine Deveny, three women in public life who got tired of event organisers saying they couldn’t find good women speakers.
The bright, capable and witty women listed on No Chicks No Excuses are those in our network. They are women we know, have seen in action or who have otherwise come to our attention and who we think are great value.
If you’re looking for a speaker, please understand that we offer the names and details of women on this site as a starting point for further investigation. It’s up to you to discover more and find the right fit for your event.
Catherine says that living in an all male household made her want to print a t-shirt that says, “Where have you looked?” When event organisers tell us they can’t find women speakers we had the same question, “Where have you looked?”
The search is over, the answer is here. No Chicks No Excuses – expert women for every event.

So There!

It's not how strongly you feel about your topic, it's how strongly they feel about your topic after you speak.
--Tim Salladay 

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