06 August 2011

Mark No Religion Australian 2011 Census

In February I blogged about the upcoming Census in many countries this year , and how many Humanist Societies such as the Scottish Humanist Society  did a Good without God campaign

In years past if you wanted to get somewhere in Australian politics you never mentioned religion, now thanks to John Howard it seems that we seemed to have taken the American route and it has become a part of the Australian political landscape. Most of this isn't obvious unless you really scrutinise the members of  Federal and State Government. It makes you wonder how Julia Gillard at first was an Atheist, but now has become a non-practising Baptist.
How much influence does religion have in Government? Lets make a list.

  1. Chaplains...no real use except for buying votes from Christians.
  2. State funding of religious schools.
  3. Government refusal to have a Charity commission, only 1st world Gov not to have one.
  4. No tax on profits on Church owned businesses, only 1st world Gov not to do this.
  5. Church exemptions on anti-discrimination law.
  6. No general inquiry into Church child abuse
  7. Evangelical Religious Instruction in schools

Do you really want Global warming denier George Pell, giving "advice" the many Catholic people in the Liberal Party?

How about Jim Wallace from the Australian Christian Lobby, a friend to all Gay people everywhere /sarcasm
 When you say your Christian, than your giving these self elected spokesman more influence than they deserve.

It's time to take Religion out of Politics  http://www.censusnoreligion.org/

Religious creeds encourage some of the craziest kinds of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors and favor severe manifestations of neurosis, borderline personality states, and sometimes even psychosis. - Albert Ellis

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