10 December 2011

I think this is Deviant Art page 3

       I have had even more pictures done, I generally just look in the Deviant Art Forums on who is having a special, or just search Commission, on the front page search and cut the results down to the last week. Sometimes I find people having specials, and if I like their styles, I might order a commission.

When they ask for a back story I usually just say do an image search for "The Dirty Pair".

I don't usually go in for a bust picture, normally I prefer a full body one.
As done by 8jessica7.deviantart.com

I call this one "Have you seen my Pistol?" The artist was charging $2 US!  eroma.deviantart.com

I actually asked for a pin up style picture, and I added a list of suggestions. It was only when I looked at the picture, and the incomplete robot, and then her email address ending in .it, did I realise she was probably a good Catholic girl and English was not her strong point....Ha!
         I called this one Space Ranger Plasma and the Incomplete Robot.
  As done by vp-artworks.deviantart.com

There are only two styles of portrait painting; the serious and the smirk. - Charles Dickens

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