06 August 2012

Single Frame Stories "Last Words"

Whiskey Day and Botgirl Questi have created a project, Single Frame Story, the idea is to tell a story with a single image, with up to 140 characters of text.

This week it's the theme "Last Words"

At the moment I would like to have some words with whoever introduced the bug where Linux can't save pictures in most of the up to date viewers.

For those who don't know, Tony Abbott is the Leader of the Opposition in Australia, and one time former health minister whose most well known "Achievement " was trying to keep the RU486 pill out of the country, being at odds with all experts.  In this act he showed he is not interested in the health of women, but in his post death credit rating. 

Little wonder he also thinks climate change is a hoax, again ignoring all scientific opinion.

I think the climate is too important to say we are going to wait until all our economic woes are over before we act effectively. Malcolm Fraser, former Australia Prime Minister

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