07 January 2007

Pirates in the News

It looks like the Secondlife Herald, has been doing some recruiting for the Pirates of Sl, we now have 280 members, yesterday it was 270.

I don't have any decent Pics, as last time I was there the water was so clear, you would think there wasn't any.

Most importantly, I am getting my Pirate wardrobe together, and I might buy a ship, and assemble an all female crew. But what to call the ship?
The Blondbeard?...No Piratespulse...possible The Lash...probably not

Any suggestions will be accepted, as will suggestions for a flag. Skulls yes, but I might make the flag Purple, and have crossed garter belts rather than crossbones.

EDIT:- Pirate Ship names suggestions, please don't suggest Boobyprize ( it's just too obvious )

Now and then we had a hope that if we lived and were good, God would permit us to be pirates- Mark Twain

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