19 June 2009

No One is safe

Lots of people blog for various reasons, for some it's a form of creativity, for others is to let the "Truth" be known, an online diary, to see how the other half live, and some people actually blog for general information sharing.

Nightjack was a policeman who blogged about his job, one of many Police who do, but his became popular and got an Orwell award. Natually he was anonymous as this is not really the sort of thing you want the criminal fraternity to know who you are.

The Times thought it was important to find out who this person was, and did so. A High court order has now set a precedent that anonymous bloggers in the UK can't expect any sort of privacy due to the fact what they are doing.

My own view is much like the Telegraph

The loss of anonymity is something that nobody can prepare you for. When it happened, I recognized that I`d lost one of the most valuable things in life. To this day, I`m not all that happy about it. - Harrison Ford

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