01 June 2009

SL and network crashes

You hear it all the time, you see it all the time, and it happens to you..all the time.

Just when you have got those prims aligned, or just about to try on some great outfit, the Viewer crashes.

Then swearing and the shaking of fists starts.

Last year Meta Linden said that most crashes are due to Video drivers, but then again it's possible that some are network issues.

I admit I am biased as I usually work in the networking area of IT, so I would see it more as a networking problem.

When data packets are sent across the Internet or the local LAN, they can either be in TCP/IP packets or UDP packets, simply put TCP/IP sends messages back and forth checking that all the packets arrived, and UDP is fire and forget.

I don't know what SL runs on, but I found something that might be useful to Windows users to check on the data packets from LL.

I this found on Raymond.cc , it makes a change in the registry and lets you see any network errors that have occurred. There is a screen capture near the bottom to show you what it looks like.
I was able to install this on my work XP PC, with out any problems or reboots. It should work on Vista/2000/7.

"We have no intention of shipping another bloated OS and shoving it down the throats of our users." -- Paul Maritz, Microsoft group vice president

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