09 June 2012

A womans place in Conservative run USA 2017

         In 50s and 60s America, the future looked bright and shiny with clean Atomic power, the promise of flying cars, space travel, and jet packs. Everything would be cheaper and people would be working less, as we would have robots to do it all.
         I guess the working less part has come true with all those jobs being off shored to China, but the rest has been a bit of a failure.
       Many advertisements of the time still showed women still at home, but in some of the Science Fiction of the time, sexual equality was a reality.
       We are still not there yet, and it looks like we are going backwards with the Fetal Personhood laws, and attacks on womans heath in the USA and the UK.
        You have to wonder just how bad it can get, and so I did:-


When women thrive, all of society benefits, and succeeding generations are given a better start in life. Kofi Annan

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