07 November 2012

Say goodbye to UK NHS

Britain has had a universal healthcare system since 1948, and whatever  faults it has, it serves most of the people well enough.

It's now on the verge of being privatised, you know... Americanised..and we know how well that works. If you have ever taken a trip to the USA you will probably notice that you have to pay much extra for health Insurance. 

For a run down of how this has happened I suggest reading this blogpost by Marcus Chown. Then to keep up with what is happening on a daily basis Eoin Clarke has it covered.

Recently Channel 4 did an in depth investigation on the sell off of the NHS, and this can be watched if your in the UK here

How could this happen you ask, could there be some sort of conflict of interest with sitting members in the Government? Funny you ask that. Seems lots have some sort of interest in Heath Care. Social Investigations have a story on that as well.

More blatant corruption...unbelievable.

  "This underlines what the government is actually about, it's nothing at all to do with restoring the economy, it's about smashing the public sector..." John Lister

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