11 December 2012

Comic Mayan Apocalypse 2012

      I think this is about the 14th end of the world I have been through, but then again I knew some weird people when I was young, and every one or two years there would be some warning of world wide disaster, or the end of the world was nigh.

Usually it was foretold by astrological means, or some channeller, or even via Nostradamus.  The year 2000 was a good one for when Jesus was supposed to return (he didn't), when the planets lined up (they weren't), or some other made up new age rubbish.  Most people would never have heard of these events as they usually circulated in various new age writings only.

Here we go again. Now it's the completion of the Mayan long count 13th b'ak'tun.

Earth is 4.5 billion years old, and yes there have been a few extinctions caused by meteor strikes, volcanism and the odd Ice Age. Millennial cults abound, and silly apocalypse theology is everywhere. I used to think this was the Bible's fault via Revelation, but recently I have been suspecting  it's just a reflection of a deeper issue in the human mind. This sometimes manifests in the recent extreme cases like Heaven Gate and Order of the Solar Temple .
In the recent past the Millerites were founded in the belief the end of the world was coming (still didn't happen), this was called the Great Disappointment.

 Is it likely that the world will end on the 21 of December 22? Seeing that the Earth has been here for nearly 4.5Billion years old. No, but then you have to remember the logic behind most of these disasters theories is they are supernatural events, so there is way they can be disproved.

But!! I have found notes from my dear cousin, the famous explorer Dr Victoria Smith. I have edited them to reproduce a slightly more accurate series of events to her notes, on how she lost the second Mayan calender tablet to looters on site.

I have put her notes under her pictures. (with some comments from me)
(She really should  get a better lock on her door, filing cabinet, and secure box)

Its little known that Dr Victoria Smith discovered the original Mayan calendar after she spent much time searching for it in the jungles of South America.

She writes:-

1) I arrived in good time, and I decided to travel light, as I wanted to move fast. I had my target, and the only beings to see me, were the monkeys.
2)The jungle is wonderful place once you get to know it, the deep green foliage, and the way the sun peeks through the canopy. The canoe was able to take me to almost the exact spot I wanted to go. After 4 days travel I was almost there.


1) I left my canoe after some days of paddling down the river. A days walk and a small hill climb and I should be there.
2) There are good reasons to come in by boat, airplanes quite often don't fair very well. Landings can be a little rough, they never found the crew and passengers. The fog and the cloud..very deceptive and sudden.

1) Still, there are the odd animal trails, and water run offs that make it easier to walk though the jungle.
2)Hopefully no flash floods will come though, hopefully I am alone here.

1) Climbing above the tree line I was able to see the water falls and the extent of the foliage, while wondering what else there was to be discovered under the greenery.
2) Just about had enough of this climbing..how long until I get to the top?

1) Why are there always rope bridges? WHY? WHY? WHY?
2) Don't ever look down!
3) Just pretend your walking on the cracks in the footpath, make it no big deal, then it will be  just like walking across the street.
     *Editors Notes* Looks like Victoria meant walking home from the Pub

1) always carry extra knickers in the Jungle..always helpful, I did mention it was a long way down, didn't I?
2) Phewww  Glad that's over
3) Damn, Looters are here!
                     Ed Notes ( Looters = People with out a Ph.d taking things)

1) Don't see them anywhere, maybe they drunk to much and fell off the edge.
        Ed notes (I hope you left those bottles alone Victoria)
2) Searching for an entrance to the internal structures, They're certainly built well.
3)  Not keen on going back with a great big stone tablet across that bridge

1) See me? See how big the Mayans could build, amazing.
Ed notes I bet the planning permission to get an extension was a nightmare
2) I had pretty much given up, when I noticed a great big hole in the roof of one of the sub temples (Note to self) Get new glasses
3)Now  to carefully climb down.

1) When I regained consciousness after I fell my eyes adjusted to the dark I could see I hit the jackpot!

Ed Notes The plaque is of K'inich Janaab' Pakal (March 603 – August 683) believed by some to have been the ruler at the time the carving of the calender that is the cause of the current apocalyptic idiocy. If you have ever read any Von Dankin, then you would have seen the lid of his coffin as being so called proof of ancient astronauts.
2) Now to get this damn thing out of here
3) Carefully wrapping it for transport with the rope from my bag.
  Ed Notes I sometime get the feeling Victoria didn't pay much attention in Archeology class on caring for your finds

Ed Notes We seem to be missing the pictures on how she smashed her way into the stormwater run off tunnels

 1) Getting sick dragging the damn thing thought the storm water drains under the temples, in's it carefully packaged state. Tunnels are full of dirt, rats and snakes. At least there are no spiders!
2) I could just roll the thing, what could go wrong?  Ed Notes I suspect lots of things
3) Oh dear, it's rolling quite fast! hey! Damn...

 1) SHIT!! Spiders!! Get it off! aarggghhhh!!!! YUK.....webs everywhere..  Ed Notes OMG!
2) Glad I'm out of there finally..bugger where has it gone?  

1) Where has it gone? Where? Where did it go? 
2) OH GOD! Nooooooooo   Umm Damn Looters! Yeah, the looters stole it from me! Bastards!

Ed Notes So, it looks like the calendar was smashed to bits after falling from a height of 12 or so stories. Good one Vic, no wonder you had your notes locked away! 
Don't Panic then everyone, the calendar just rolls over, nothing to see here.

Tateru Nino wrote on the 11/1/2012 how often the End of The World has occurred for her. Still relevant and better written than me.

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 "I say we all wear red shirts on December 21, 2012. So at least if we die, we die as Mr. Gene Roddenberry intended." - Via Twitter

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Abel Undercity said...

Possibly my favorite site on the subject: A Brief History of the Apocalypse: http://www.abhota.info/index.htm

Every single prophesied "end date" the webmaster could find, starting with about 2800 B.C.