13 December 2012

Single Frame Stories Week 19 "Black and White"

Single Frame Stories, is telling a story in a single frame.

Each Saturday (or Sunday) we’ll offer a new word or phrase for a prompt. Participants will each create a Single Frame Story based on the prompt of the week, consisting of a single image with up to 140 optional characters of text. The image can be a photo, screen shot, drawing or painting. The text can be integrated into the image or used as a caption or title.

This week, the prompt is "Black and White" 

Last week it was "Secret", you can see the entries here

This was taken in the 1920s Berlin sim, back in a time when photography was only black and white. So I'm wearing a typical "Flapper" outfit typical of the times. 

I have the first of the Phryne Fisher books Cocaine Blues by Kerry Greenwood on my table to read, I suspect that was some sort of subconscious influence on my choice of picture this week.

I'm all covered up for a change, much to Whiskey Days surprise I'm sure.

"Wir wollen, dass Berlin reicher wird und sexy bleibt." (“We want Berlin to become richer and stay sexy.”) - Klaus Wowereit,

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