29 December 2006

The Shockwave Travel Writer Part 5

I don't remember how many days it's been now, I can just see the end of my time in Rome coming to a close in a few days. The Lemonchello in the evenings does sort of make my memory of the number of days disappear.

So I have actually been in the Colesseo now, and walked all around Old Rome, and the Palatine.

Surprisingly in one shop they were selling Italian made XXXX beer from home.

Walked around the Castle, and it was full of frescos.

I installed SL on the PC in the apartment here, the CPU is a 2500 but the video card is 512M. It has less lag than the 300064 and the 128m video card. Of course it might be the network it's on as well.

vincit qui se vincit (S/he conquers who conquers her/himself.) - Roman Proverb

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