12 December 2006

Why SL is hard to write and fix

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One of my favorite thinkers ( and Terry Prattchet fan ) Gwyneth Llewelyn has written a post on why SL is more than just an application, and basically how silly comments from the great unwashed masses are.

I think I left a note on Erbos blog some months ago , about the same thing, and how I used to work for an ISP, and the stupid comments in the forums from the customers. The tech guys would tell me the callers who are windows networking people have the oddest ideas.

Caller: My email is down, do you have a problem with your exchange server?
Techie: We don't have any exchange servers, what error messages are you getting?
Caller:NO Exchange, no wonder the emails are not working.
Techie falls off chair laughing.....

The CEO was called a port swilling, suited fatcat, in reality, he's never more happy than when he's putting Cisco gear together, and has the largest collection of black t-shirts, excepting Death Metal fans.

I suspect I was still out of my mind from lack of sleep, I wrote this originally

I would rather be the lead role in a zombiegoatbukkake movie than touch that "thing" of yours
-Shockwave Plasma

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