14 January 2007

Wwwhhhooo are you ? Who? who? Tell me who are you!

Tateru has been interviewed a few times, ( probably more than a few now,... Oh to be a celebrity ) in which at the end they usually ask for her RL identity.

She always declines. Quite rightly too.

It looks like even Geoffery Chaucer has this problem.

IVthe thinge: My biggest compleynt: Whan wil ffolk stop saying ich nam nat real? Whan wil thei stop asking for my “real name”? What part of G-E-O-F-F-R-E-Y C-H-A-U-C-E-R do thei nat vndirstonden? An editor from WIRED magazine did contact me to aske if that fyne publicacioun mighte printe a part of my poost concerninge internette abbreviacions. Thys was gentil and did plese and honor me gretli, and ich consentid. And yet thei wantid to yive credit to “Geoffrey Chaucer (aka your real name)” and thei wanted to knowe what ich do in “in real lyf.” Whan ich toolde hem that my trewe cristen name was Geoffrey Chaucer (Galfridus in latina) and that ich am a justice of the pees in Kente and a member of parliament, thei seyd thei coud nat print it. For thei seyde thei coud nat printe writinge “without attribution to a real person.” What am ich, liver y-chopped? Reality ys harder to com by than a duchy thes dayes, mesemeth.

A miracle is nothing more or less than this. Anyone who has come into a knowledge of his true identity, of his oneness with the all-pervading wisdom and power, this makes it possible for laws higher than the ordinary mind knows of to be revealed to him. - Ralph Waldo Trine


Erbo Evans said...

I don't tend to use my real name in connection with Second Life, but anyone who really wanted to find it out could if they looked hard enough. (Tateru, for one, may know it. Danielle certainly does, as do a few other people.) I just don't particularly publicize it. Likewise, I know the real names of a few other Residents (such as Danielle), but what of it? I won't give 'em away; it's their business if they choose to share certain details, and with whom.

Tateru Nino said...

I and my family have been threatened. While it's not a very long stretch to work out my RL identity, I prefer not to spread it around.

Shockwave Plasma said...

I guessed it was something like that Tateru. ( I did very much appreciate the invite when you were on your road trip. )

When offence is so easily taken by people, and they are sitting behind a keyboard, they forget you are a person as well. Possibly they dont even care. You just become the target for their anger.

It's just like Batman needing wear his mask, it protects his friends from those that would hurt them.

While I don't particuarly like Prok I feel disturbed by the fact a call was made to his home.

Oddly enough I'm not sure if looking like a giant Barbie, stops people harassassing me or not.

I prefer to separate RL from SL, but I suspect that might become harder to do as time goes by.

Only Akela has an idea of what I look like :-)

One of my syncronistic events is it's entirely possible that Tat and I know (of) each other in RL, and she was the first friend I had in SL.

So what started this ramble again? WIRED...you think they would understand, they are supposed to be on the cutting edge!