25 January 2011

Australia Day Awards 2011

Time to announce my prizes for Australia Day.

All Australians no matter where they live are eligible, as one million are resident outside continental Australia.

A common insult in Australia is to use the term “Un-Australian” this has the useful result of being a good soundbite, but not actually having any meaning, so it will not be used here.

So, to start with we have...

The Bad Medicine award:-
Won by....Meryl Dorey and the AVN for their nonstop efforts to bring back childhood diseases.

Next, we have the Dark Ages Award, this was a difficult one to choose, but eventually a clear winner was:-
Catch the Fire Ministries...Thanks guys, you outdo yourself every year.

Least fit to govern Australia goes to:-
Tony Abbott....Use that precious gift of yours Tony

DIAF Award:- Flood Looters 

Nero Award for Environmental awareness:- Andrew Bolt
And the real Award for showing what it really means to be Australian.
Australian of the Year. :- SES and volunteers who helped clean up after the east coast floods all of you are fantastic.

Lifetime award for Unequal rights :-
John Howard...for his working towards the idea that every woman needs a father, husband or male relative to be her Legal Guardian no matter her age.

The wowser mistakes the world for a penitentiary and themselves as the warden - Australian observation

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