15 January 2011

It must be a Pro-Vax coverup


Recently the AVN or The Australian (Anti)Vaccination Network have come in for a bit of well deserve hiding.

Their poster boy Andrew Wakefield has been accused of deliberate fraud in the UK by the British Medical Journal, and if you know anything about the UK libel laws, this is a very very serious thing to allege. So far Andrew Wakefield doesn't seem to want to take this to court, if he has as much proof and peer reviewed support as the people behind him says exists, then he is due for millions of pounds in damages.  So....you have to wonder why he doesn't.

Meryl Dorey still stands behind him, well that's not really surprising is it? Even worse for Meryl is the treatment she received on the 7th Jan during a radio show on 2UE from Tracy Spicer during a phone call.  You can listen to it here on YouTube.  A modern classic in Australian Radio, and I think it got Tracy some new fans.

Meryl has often said how deadly these vaccines are.In the last few days the UK Office of Statistics have released the 2009 statistics on the causes of deaths in the UK . Now you would think there would be something in here that would make someone go HA!!! The smoking gun, or the leaking hypodermic in this case. Oh, but yes...It's a conspiracy...Big Pharma has probably provided the stats themselves...I forgot sorry...
Ok...I've had another look, and maybe they are hidden under :- "Complications of medical and surgical care", still, not many there.

A bit more information on the stats can be found on The Guardian website.

A story came out in Australia today about a child being made to have her vaccinations but the most interesting quotes is this one :-

"I think it's dangerous to impose [immunisations] on anyone when there are two opposing viewpoints and when there is credible evidence they may do more harm than good," - Dr Warren Sipser

Firstly this man is a Chiropractor, and no..no.. no, there is no credible evidence they do more harm than good.

You know there are also opposing viewpoints on the Apollo Missions, (it really happened) on if prayer is any good for healing (it isn't), and there is still a Flat Earth Society  (not big on buying globes). All these are just as credible as the Anti-vaxers.

 Meryl had this  wonderful piece of hyperbole on Facebook

 Thanks to Reasonable Hank for the screenshot

So vaccination is the same a Child Rape?...there really aren't any words for you.

The popularity of conspiracy theories is explained by people's desire to believe that there is - some group of folks who know what they're doing - Damon Knight

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