19 November 2006

Google Search trends

Google is such a hotbed of data, it comes in , and people search for it. But all those searches that you type in are being noted.

Remember all you guys doing the search for "Janet Jackson"?

If you are in the UK, PIPEX will tell you that all us girls are searching for "David Hassellhoff"

( Hysterical laughter dies away )

Well Google has this database of all the searches, or is could be just the popular ones over time, it's Google Trends. The data seems to stop at the end of September 2006, so it's not really great for what we are after right now.

Lets looks at Second Life.


It shows a steady rise through 2006, the high point here is the Duran Duran concert.

Naturally it is for all "Second Life" searches, not just our favorite platform. But the probability is that would be the main proportion of the searches containing "Second Life".

I'm not to sure about the location based results either.

Lets try another ( Couldn't help it, it the first thing I thought of. ) ( I'm not sure that sounds right! )


It's actually going down, the searches I mean, and most searches are from the Philippines, weird, and second is Brisbane Australia. Lets not go there people :-)

Something else, umm, Hurricanes


But this also seems to be a Grid Iron team name. Bum, something else.



Most searches are from Welwyn Garden City, that just happens to be the PIPEX headquarters.

Now Hasselhoff ( OK, I'm just being silly now, I know ) It would also be nicer to put in the graphs, but this is all public access stuff.


Looks like the Irish, and the Scandinavian countries love him.

Oh well, go have a play with the Google Trends people.

"Acting is not a big deal, it's basically Halloween." - The Hoff

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