18 November 2006

More Syncronicity

I got a letter from home yesterday, I won't bore you with my rather odd family or my odder genetic background, or the religous insanity that runs though it all.

I've not been in contact for many years with any of my brothers and sisters, and the letter said my sister was rather ill. So with the help of goolge, dogpile and flickr I was able to find her email address, where she lived, and a recent photo.

Within 5 minutes of sending an email I had a reply. :-) So we are back in contact again.

The syncronicity is that her new flatmate had pretty much the same experience two nights before, her older sibling called, after not being heard of for over ten years.

I think I will have to send her parts to upgrade her PC so she can come in to Second Life as well.

And in other news I've been the subject of a Resident Shapshot on SLI I'm not sure why my skin looks grey, but I noticed it a few days ago.

Families are like fudge... mostly sweet with a few nuts. ~Author Unknown
( Tell me about it! - S Plasma )

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