11 November 2006

What is the sound of one economist clapping?

I find it amazing that after all this time, Linden Labs didn't have anyone that could use Excel.

Zee Linden comes in, runs the numbers and tell Phillip that LL is loosing money, it looks like lots of money. So the traditional thing to do, is to raise the cost of services eg hosting, and cut wages. That is what they did.

Not very inventive, but just what a pencil pusher would think of.

It's always difficult to guess what is happening inside a service provider. I used to work in the ISP field, and the UK has some quite good forums to discuss the happening in the ADSL world.

On the forums relating to our ISP ( all the staff would read them ) were some of the greatest imagining I've read in a long time.
Our CEO was once called a "suited champagne filled fatcat", yeh..right. Torn jeans and t-shirt, only happy when he's programming his Ciscos.

How about " I can't get my Emails, do you think their Exchange servers are down?" Oh please...250,000 email accounts and you think we use Exchange!!

So unless you are on the inside, and know how it all works, customers making wild speculations can often be quite amusing.

So I promise not to make any more wild guesses on how it all works, and how much it all costs and where the accountants have to make all the cost cutting.

I just think they have to be more inventive, think lateral guys.

“Economics is extremely useful as a form of employment for economists.”

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