13 November 2006

Synchronicity, Life, The Universe, and Everything

Recently Dani had a bit of a disaster when her RL house burnt down. I've always been paranoid about house fires, I turn my PC off while I'm out, and any long W/E away all the power points, except for the Fridge get turned off .

So far I've not had anything come close to going whoosh.

But, in the last two weeks I've had two things in the kitchen catch fire, no damage but just a bit of a fright.

Synchronicity is meaningful coincidences, and I do get quite a lot of this.

e.g I was in a Motorscooter accident about 5 years ago where I broke my Left wrist, 6 months before on the same scooter, on the same street, but at the other end of the street, my partner broke their wrist in the same sort of accident.

BTW Thats also the reason for my bad spelling, after the accident I no longer can see a visual image of words that I'm trying to spell.

All the works of man have their origin in creative fantasy. What right have we then to depreciate imagination?
C.G. Jung

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